Descargar Fun Race 3D — Run & Parkour para PC



1. Fun Race 3D also features a Fun City mode where you can create your own courses with various obstacles and traps, and decorate your city with stunning beaches, cozy sun loungers, colorful umbrellas, delicious ice cream and drinks shops, and more.

2. You will compete with opponents on hundreds of unique levels full of obstacles and traps, such as swinging hammers, spinning saws, giant balls, and more.

3. Fun Race 3D is an action-packed game that combines parkour and racing in a fun and exciting way.

4. You can choose from a variety of characters, from slim to chubby, from human to superhero, and customize them with different clothes and accessories.

5. But this game is not just about racing; it’s also about expressing your personality and style.

6. Earn gems by selling tickets to your courses and use them to upgrade your Fun City.

7. Fun Race 3D is a game that will make you smile, laugh, and enjoy.

8. To win races and reach the finish line, you will need to use your speed, skill, and strategy.

9. The game has simple controls: hold to run, release to stop.

10. Test your reflexes, strategy, and imagination with hours of entertainment and thrills.

11. The levels get harder as you progress, testing your skills to the limit.


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